Why Did you Become a Financial Advisor?

Orion can help you rediscover your passion and enjoy your business again.


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No two advisory firms are the same. Orion provides you with flexibility to stand out while engaging your clients in your own style and approach.


We believe the best technology solution is one that plays well with others. Orion employs an open architecture so your data can be shared with other leading software solutions you use.


Our back office support staff gives you the stability you need to keep the focus on your clients, not on managing internal software.

"Orion gave us scale and functionality needed to execute our trades. On a daily basis, we look at all 50,000+ of our clients' accounts and place trades where needed. I trust Orion's trade process every day."

− Edelman Financial Services, LLC

"With the Client Experience Optimizer (C.E.O) and Orion Connect at its foundation, Carson Wealth experienced a 39% increase in operations efficiencies in its first full quarter of implementation."

− Ron Carson, Founder and CEO of Carson Wealth Management Group, Peak Advisor Alliance & Carson Institutional Alliance

"There is always someone at Orion who can help you—whether you need to talk through a query or need assistance completing a task. You always have support at Orion."

− Lindner Capital Advisors