Look Your Best with Report Builder 3.0

By April 9, 2019Tech Tip

When you meet with your clients, you want to look your best, right? You take a look in the mirror, adjust your shirt, maybe pop a mint or two, but what about your clients’ account reports? Orion has you covered with Report Builder 3.0, which can help you build customized reports and put your best foot forward!


For this Tech Tip, we’ll show you the difference between account exclusions and account managed overrides. If you’re meeting with a client and want to focus on just one account, or all accounts but one, you can build a custom report showing only the data you’d like to present.


To view the option for either excluding an account or selecting an inclusion override setting, begin by running any of the report options and selecting the desired household.  After selecting the household, click “Next.”

On the next screen, you can select all of the accounts within the client’s household that you would like to include in the report.


First, we’ll show you how to completely exclude an account. If an account is un-managed, and there are no un-managed inclusion overrides set, or if there aren’t any data points to pull un-managed data, then automatically, that account would be excluded from the report.  However, if there are un-managed inclusion overrides set up, then you simply need to deselect the desired account and that account will no longer run for that report.

Now, let’s say there’s an un-managed account that you still want to include in your report, but you want to exclude performance. In this instance, you wouldn’t want to exclude the account entirely, but instead use the “Un-managed Inclusion Override.” To have an un-managed account show within a report, except for a specific section, you would want to set up the un-managed inclusion overrides to be checked for all sections of the report EXCEPT for performance.

After making your selections, the report will include three of the four accounts in the household, activity summary, allocation, portfolio detail, and tax detail, but it will exclude performance.

Now you’ll look like an all-star during your client meeting!

If you have any questions about excluding accounts or using the un-managed inclusion overrides on reports, please contact the Reporting Team at reporting@orionadvisor.com.


Eddie Sempek

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Eddie Sempek serves as Orion's Chief Innovation Officer. He has worked in several roles at Orion and now oversees the team of tech consultants. He enjoys helping firms in their strategic planning and implementation of technology.

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