Streamline Your CRM with Orion’s Salesforce Integration Enhancements

Because we realize technology is only good when it works with your business – and not the other way around, we’re continuing in our mission to create technology that supports advisors in whatever way they work best. Last May, we featured additional enhancements to our Salesforce integration, including the ability to access Salesforce Lightning through Orion Connect. Now, we’re excited to share even more Salesforce enhancements with you designed to streamline your CRM capabilities and empower your client relationships.

What’s New?

New Orion Links From Salesforce

Quickly and easily sign-on to Orion from any Household or Financial Account to the Client Portal and the New Account Center with our single-sign-on feature. Our updated features functionality provides enhanced flexibility and a streamlined experience so you can easily maneuver from Salesforce to Orion with ease.

New Objects Including Systematics and Beneficiaries

Now you can sync Beneficiaries and Systematics from Orion to Salesforce with our latest additions to these Salesforce objects. Systematics can be added to your Financial Account page as a related list, and Beneficiaries can be added to your Registration page layout as a related list.

Custom Record Type Update (for Standard and TD versions)

With our latest enhancement, you can edit the record type on an individual household basis and also at a firm level – all from within Orion Connect!

How to Install and Upgrade

Note: You must be a System Administrator within your firm’s Salesforce org to install the new Orion Connect update.

Depending on the version of Salesforce you’re running, you’ll need to follow specific steps to access the newest enhancements. Read the user guides in Orion Support below to enable the updates to make sure you’re maximizing Orion’s integration with Salesforce.

Upgrade Salesforce Standard

Upgrade Salesforce FSC

If you aren’t sure which version your firm uses, please contact our Integrations SME team for assistance through the Orion Support app. Click Contact Us and find the Integrations Team to begin a new chat.

We know an efficient and accurate CRM is critical to running a successful business. That’s why we’re focused on finding new ways for you to leverage the connection between Orion and your CRM. Enabling these enhancements gets you one step closer to the fully-integrated tech stack of your dreams.

Questions about what we covered in today’s blog? Contact our Integrations Team by logging into Orion Support.



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