Stop Buying Advisor Technology Like It’s the 1990s

Remember when bundling your home internet, cable, and telephone services was the best deal going? Pairing these services to receive a discount not only saved you money, it also saved you the hassle of shopping around.

But these days, if you’re anything like me, that same bundle deal is now just a waste of money. How often do you use the landline at home? How much extra do you pay for your video streaming service? And when was the last time you watched all 300 cable channels?

The way we consume these services has changed. The same thinking should apply to the technology you use to power your business. While all-in-one bundles once made sense both economically and based on the capabilities available, it’s simply no longer the case in a market now defined by customization and choice.

Working with advisors for over two decades, I always remind my team that when you’ve met one independent advisor, you’ve still only met one independent advisor. Each advisory firm is unique with regard to how their firms are structured and how they add value to their client relationships.

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Eric Clarke

About Eric Clarke

Eric Clarke is Founder and CEO of Orion Advisor Services. When not working, Eric can be found with his family or hiking and scaling large mountains.

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