Don’t Trade with Guesswork.

Trade with Intelligence.

Orion’s Trade Order Management platform gives you a scalable solution for all your trading needs.

Meet TOM (Trade Order Management)


Orion’s Trade Order Management (TOM) platform allows you to create, review and edit your trade orders with powerful back-end processing and ease, all from any major web browser on any Internet-capable device.

TOM gives your team proactive alert capabilities so you always know critical information, as it’s happening. You also get real-time pricing information and real-time equity trading (via our FIX connection).

Save Time Dealing with the SEC

Orion is an all-in-one, multiple custodian interface, so if the SEC requests information, you go to one place instead of many. We also record who places each trade, giving you peace of mind that you have everything tracked correctly.

Not Magic, but Close

Orion’s Rebalance Wizard makes mass trade creation simple.

Choose accounts to include based on criteria like Representative, Model or Management Styles, and get the trades you want in only a few mouse clicks.


See the Future

We all want to feel confident about the decisions we make. Choosing superior technology that gives us more information can help us do that. Trade intelligently using a security’s tax ramifications, or analyze how a portfolio’s asset class allocations will change as a result of your rebalance before you process your trades.

Trading, Any Way You Want It


Don’t need to run a large rebalance? Maybe you just want to trade one account, or one product in that account, or that one product across all accounts that hold it. Do all that and more with Orion.


More options to trade how you want is what TOM is all about. We give you sleeve-level trading capability so you can break a client portfolio into the exact structure you need for tax-efficient rebalancing.

Weighted Models

Like Bruce Wayne, you can walk into the party with a model on each arm (figuratively, that is). Assign multiple models to one portfolio and weight them appropriately to scale to your investment objectives.