We Provide the Canvas.


You Bring the Paint Brush.

Sure, we already give you hundreds of out-of-the-box reports to use, but we know your creative spirit is dying to get out. You’ve got clients with different personalities. Show how well you know them through a report built just for them using Orion’s Report Builder and Report Themes.


Orion’s custom reporting abilities mean you can create a data heavy report for your accountant client, and another report rich with graphs and charts for your client who moonlights as an artist.

You know your clients best, so show them how much you care with a report tailored specifically to how they learn and absorb information.


Report Builder gives you the control to present any and all of our available sub-reports in the exact order that you want them to appear on the report canvas. Mix and match sub-reports to create an unlimited number of new custom reports.


Report Themes allow you the ability to visually match the colors, fonts and images on the reports to become an extension of your firm’s brand identity.  You can tell a Van Gogh when you see one, and your clients will recognize your brand through your reports.

Goldilocks would be jealous

Whether you’re running one of Orion’s core reports or one you’ve created in Report Builder, dig even deeper with our Report Parameters. Don’t want to include that one column in one sub-report, or want to group data on a pie chart a certain way? Report Parameters give you all the nitty gritty details to make your reports  just right.

Communicate How You Want

Our reports are second to none, and so are the distribution methods we give you. To start with, Orion is fully integrated with a print and mail service. Yes, it’s true, you will have to cancel your quarterly statement envelope stuffing parties. Interested in avoiding print costs all together?  Deliver client statements through Orion’s portal or Orion’s secure email delivery. Want to connect with every client every quarter? Blow your client’s mind using Orion’s video statement technology, Engage.