Stop Worrying & Start Collecting.

Next to managing client portfolios, advisory fee billing is one of the most important aspects of running an efficient practice. We provide an end to end billing process to help you calculate, collect, and post your advisory fees.

Unique like you


Our advisory fee billing system is robust so your firm’s unique needs can be best met. You can create fee schedules to bill clients, assign payout schedules for third parties, exclude portions of assets, and even create recurring dollar amount credits or debits. Everything is designed to give you the ability to bill how you want according to the specifications you’ve agreed to with your clients.

Finish your work with workflows

Orion’s Billing Audit app provides visually simple workflows so you understand exactly what advisory fee information needs to be completed before you bill. Missing fee schedules and other critical information is clearly presented on the screen so you never miss making an update.


Do everything, all from one screen


Orion gives you all your client fee information in one place so there’s no confusion. Access fee schedule assignments, excluded assets, payment set up, and everything else—all from a single screen.