Feeling overwhelmed?  That's understandable.  Like many advisors, you are solely responsible for reconciling data, processing trades, connecting with outside parties, generating quarter-end reports, collecting fees, and keeping up with changing technology – leaving little, if any, time to meet with your clients.  You need help, and Orion has the tools you need to enjoy your business again.

Starts With Data

We start when the rooster crows and import data from your custodians and brokerages...even on Saturday!

We completely reconcile positions, transactions, prices, corporate actions, and cost basis.

Starts With Data

An outside CPA audits our reconciliation work, and gives us a SSAE 16 Type II report. You can rest easy knowing your data is in good hands.

We dedicate a specially trained Accounting Analyst AND Account Manager to be a part of your firm's team.

Orion advisors are satisfied, and that starts with accurate and timely data.

We Provide You Access

Advisor Specific Interface with Data Edit Capabilities.

Easy-to-use Web Portal for Client, Rep, B/D, and Third Party users.

Advisor Branded Mobile Apps in Apple iOS and Android Stores.

We Provide You Access

Direct Integration with many CRMs enabling data, reports, and rebalance functionality.

e-Profile new account system with integrated e-signature and current vs. proposed portfolios.


TWR, IRR, or Simple Rate of Return Performance Calcs, your choice...audited.

Tax Lots along with Realized Gains & Losses to make tax wise portfolio decisions.

Portfolio analytics, current vs. proposed, and Monte-Carlo simulations powered by AdvisoryWorld.


Easily build custom reports with Orion's Report Builder...from any date range.

Integrate your video market commentary and newsletters.

Drop off reports in the Orion Vault, or use one of our integrated vault providers like DropBox.

Calculate your GIPS ready composite groups.

Let Orion handle the e-delivery and print fulfillment.

Notify your coffee vendor to cut've hired someone else to take care of quarter end for you!!!

Trade to Capitalize

Efficiently rebalance and trade using the integrated Orion trade engine.

Rebalance across an entire household to use tax efficient asset location, or just rebalance models tied to accounts.

Can I assign many accounts to one model? YES.

Can I assign one account to many models? Of course!

Create, review and upload trade files formatted specifically for your custodian.

Execute your equity trades in real-time using our FIX trade engine.

Does Orion's trade engine offer real-time pricing? YES.

Then Get Paid

We know how important this step is!

We calculate advisory fees using flat, linear, tiered, advance, arrears, and average daily balance fee schedules.

After we calculate the fees for you, we prepare a file formatted for you to upload to the custodian.

Then Get Paid

Then, we post the advisory fee payments, and report back any subadvisors, advisors, or third party amounts you need to pay.

We also age and report on receivables, making sure you collect!

Our billing specialty team is on hand to process all renewal, new account and cancellation invoices.


Call us, our CPAs require you to sign a disclosure :( then we'll get a copy of the report to you!

Please contact us and we'll provide a third party audit on our return calculations with respect to your data.