PortfolioCenter Users: Here’s What It’s Like Being an Orion Client

At one point or another, every financial advisor needs to take a step back to look at the technology they’re using to power their firm and ask: Does this software still give me what I need to be efficient and successful?

There’s no better time to ask that question than when a current platform you’re using gets acquired by another organization.

If you’re a PortfolioCenter user who’s now thinking about looking for a new portfolio accounting home, we want to help you think about the types of service expectations you should have for your advisor technology partners.

In this post, we’re looking at five areas to keep a special eye on when it comes to your technology support, and what that support looks like when you’re an Orion client!

Onboarding with a Personal Touch

Sometimes, technology companies try to get away with providing limited support when you’re transitioning your business onto their platform. If you need to upload data, they may give you some spreadsheet templates that you can use, but they won’t get their own hands dirty.

The trouble is, adding new technology can be a harrowing time for businesses of all sizes—especially so if you’re moving to a new system after using the same one for five, ten, or even twenty years.

During that critical initial phase, you need personal support with not only a dedicated project manager to help your team understand your new software, but also a behind-the-scenes team who can verify that your all-important client data is securely and accurately loaded into your new system.

The Orion Way

Every firm gets a dedicated Onboarding Specialist to manage their conversation project and guide them through initial training. Our team of Data Conversion Specialists works to convert all available data to Orion, from transactions to performance data. And, our full staff of Subject Matter Experts gets involved for even more detailed training and setup guidance.

On-Demand Training

Having a dedicated project manager during your implementation is a game-changer, but the ongoing support you receive will keep your firm running in an optimal state.

If you get great service during setup but then can never get a hold of anyone after that, how good is your experience?

Ongoing support and training should be on-demand so you can learn your new system when you’re ready. The digital tools available today for online learning make this a necessity as you look at what you should expect from technology partners.

The Orion Way

You get training any way you want it, when you want it. Get specific, step-by-step navigation guidance with prompts that appear on-screen with our WalkMe tutorials, or sign up for advanced e-learning courses in our Ascent online training platform to become an expert in all things Orion.

Personal, In-Person Events

Web meetings with video can be a good substitute for in-person meetings, and they can help to create a more personal connection. But nothing quite connects like spending time in the presence of another human being.

In addition to the dedicated contact and online learning opportunities, your technology might offer, in-person events where you can get one-on-one time with the experts you interact with online are invaluable.

The Orion Way

All new users get invited to participate in a Launch event at our Omaha headquarters. Our Subject Matter Experts provide two days of targeted training to help take new users from new learner status to advanced experts. We also host the Orion Ascent annual user conference to gather all our amazing advisors together for even more personal consultation and memorable experiences.

Strategic Consultation

Some tech companies will only provide training on their system—and that’s more than fine. Their software is what you purchased, after all. But a company that truly places your needs first will go above and beyond simple software training with a consultative approach.

While you won’t expect your technology partners to give you advice on how to market your business or grow your sales team, you should expect them to ask you detailed questions about your business so they can offer you specific, strategic advice on how to customize your software experience to fit your needs.

The Orion Way

Our Subject Matter Experts do more than answer a question here and there, they understand our advisors and their unique situations so they can offer advice on the best way to implement Orion’s tools and create more efficient operational processes.

Innovative Technology

Underneath all the support, of course, the technology still has to be good or all the support in the world won’t satisfy your basic needs.

Some software companies may reach the point where they no longer feel the need to iterate and constantly improve their product. That is a major red flag; if your technology is not releasing major enhancements on at least a quarterly schedule, you may need to look around for a more nimble, advanced solution.

Choosing the right technology to empower your firm is not only good for your clients and your staff, it’s critical for you to keep pace with the industry at large.

The Orion Way

We update our Orion Connect portfolio management technology platform with four major releases each year and constantly add smaller enhancements and improvements throughout the year with a development cycle that never stops. We work closely with our advisor clients to understand their needs and create reporting, billing, trading, and client experience tools that help them improve their service and client relationships.

We recently announced that we’re giving current PortfolioCenter users nine months of our award-winning portfolio management technology platform for free. If you’re a current Portfolio Center user who’s curious about new portfolio accounting technology, we’d love to show you how we’re different.

Click here to sign up for an open webinar on March 14 at 11:00 a.m. CT for all the details.



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