Orion App Updates Highlight: Reporting, Trading, and More

Orion app updates

By now, you’ve been using many of the great new enhancements that rolled out in our November software release for a few weeks. However, it’s still possible you aren’t fully aware of all the app updates we rolled out.

So in today’s Orion app updates post, we’ll be highlighting changes made in Reporting, Trading, and Data Queries to help you make sure you’re getting the most out of Orion Connect.



Our reporting engine has seen some of the most drastic updates recently, including a brand-new goal-based planning element that will be released in the coming weeks. 

Run report to Rep’s Inbox:

We’ve rolled out development that allows you to run reports and select the report to be delivered to a Representative login for the Representative assigned to the Household for which the report is being run.

In other words – does your home office need to run a report for a Rep, and have it delivered straight to them? Now you can.

When you’re on the third step of running a report (Delivery) set your Delivery Method to “Report Inbox: Selected Client’s Rep” to deliver the report.






Ability to mass import Reps/Clients for report web access:

screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-2-27-29-pmBefore our November software release, you had to assign web access for Representatives and Households one by one by one. Thankfully that time is over. Now you can mass import Representatives and Households for web access! So much easier, and so much time saved.
Open up Report Builder, click the lock icon, and select User Access to reach these settings.



Basic Goal Planning Reporting:

In the coming weeks, we’ll roll out a goal-planning reporting tool that will allow you to earmark target performance returns and track if a Household may be ahead, behind, or on pace with their financial goal(s).

Keep an eye out for this new feature, and sign up to attend our February 15th webinar to see the new tool in action.



On the Trading front, the long-awaited 15-minute delayed quotes are now available. If you’ve been trading using the previous night’s closing prices, this is a big deal. Orion has also provided the ability to use real-time prices. Both of those options will continue to be offered for your trading preferences.

Now you can create trades based off a 15-minute delayed quote (Bonus:  the fee to receive the delayed quote is less than the fee for the real-time price).

Please reach out to the SME Trading team to discuss delayed quotes in greater detail and to get your firm set up with using the new option.



Our Data Queries app has received an upgrade! We’ve converted the User Interface to a grid system, and have created new standard views for Favorites (your favorite queries you use the most), Custom (queries we have made custom for your firm), and All (Orion’s full list of data queries).


It’s super simple to save a query as a favorite — right-clicking on a query will add it to your favorites.  You don’t even have to click again to confirm!

We’ve also increased the speed of how quickly this app loads.

That sums up our highlights from the November software update. Keep your eyes on the Orion blog, because we’ll be releasing notes for our February software release before you know it!

Please contact our Orion Subject Matter Expert Teams with any questions from today’s post.



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