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Orion May 2017 Release Notes



Setting a Default App

You can now select a specific Orion Connect app as your default landing page!  In Orion Connect, click on your name in the upper right hand corner and then select “Profile.”

Select from the “Default App” dropdown and choose your favorite app (hello, Orion Social)!

Next time you log in—Boom! You will be in your favorite app.


Active Box

On the Household, Registration, Account, and Asset Editors, the “Active” checkbox is now disabled for all users.

There is a new Privilege called “Change Active Status’ that you can enable in your Roles via the Manage Users app if you feel certain users will need to edit this field.




New Dashboard

When you enter into the portfolio audit app, you will now land on a new dashboard menu. On this screen, you will see results for the most popular audits and be able to search for a specific household, registration, or account. Additionally, we have optimized our load times on each of these levels just for you!

Quick Householding

You can now quickly move a registration to a new household or an account to a new registration, directly from the portfolio audit grid. Simply right click the record and select the new “move” option. You’ll then be prompted to choose a new household or registration to move that record to!


We’ve updated this app with tabs to provide easier navigation and workflow. Furthermore, the Form ADV tab now provides a list of data queries that you can run to help you populate certain required information in your Form ADV.

Because many of the Form ADV requirements are changing later this year, we’ve also included a list of queries that can be used to help satisfy the revised requirements. You’ll want to review the data queries to make sure that you’re using the correct corresponding data fields so that the queries provide the information you’re looking for.

Yay for Compliance!


New User Import

We have added the “Role ID” to the New User import template so that if you are creating Advisor or Rep Level users en masse, you can now assign a Role to those users upon import.


Role Admin

If you are your firm’s Role Administrator (user whose role allows access to managing your firm’s roles), you now have the ability to login as other Advisor Level users.

This allows you to support your internal staff by seeing what they see.



Video Statements

If your firm uses Video Statements and posts them out on the Client Portal, these statements are now sorted in descending order to show the most recent video statement first.



You can now add a logo for a specific client. Previously you could only add a logo at the Database, Broker/Dealer, or Representative levels.


New Options

You now have options to hide the Invested Value Comparison Chart, hide zero value assets on the performance tab, and group by Model in the grouping settings.



You can now jump from the query results to an Account, Asset, or Transaction depending on the results of your query.

Simply right click on a row in the query results and choose to edit, or go to that particular record right from the query. We will now also store the parameters for the previous query so you will not have to manipulate the parameters a second time.

Under Action, select “Change Parameters” and run your query again or change the parameters on the fly from the query results screen.  Just making dreams come true!




Orion has developed separate ByAllAccounts logins for advisors using the Balance Sheet integrations that allows them to separately manage balance only (Balance Sheet) accounts and those accounts downloading through the normal ByAllAccounts integration.


Exclusion Table Feature

We have developed new functionality for when an account is removed from the exclusion table within the New Account Center app, this account is now automatically created & transaction history is also added to the account.

Now that’s more efficient!



With the May release, we are continuing to develop our next generation report builder! Report Builder 3.0 will be a completely flexible self-service report writing tool.

The beta isn’t quite ready yet, but in our next software release we are adding the ability to build sub-reports with graphs and data tables—all without needing programmers!

We plan to be in beta for Advisor users by December 2017.



Composite UI

When you first enter into the Composite app there will be a new landing page. There will be a pie chart that shows the AUM by Model and Management Style (database default) and a second pie chart that shows the number of accounts by model/management style.

There will also be a table that shows Model and Management Style period performance, QTD, YTD, 1Yr, 3Yr, 5Yr, 10Yr and Since Inception performance.

You can then drill down into either chart or table to see which accounts are making up those numbers.


Composite Rules

Right now there are filters in the Composite app. We are creating rules that will replace these filters, so that when a composite is run the exclusion process can be done on the front end instead of the back end.

This will save you time and reduce a chances of errors.

You will be able to set up multiple rules that will determine if an account should excluded based off of the rules.

For example, you could set up one rule to exclude accounts on model A that have a minimum value of $1000 and another rule to exclude accounts on model B that have a minimum value of $5000.


Composite Wizard

The Composite Wizard will have the look and feel of the Report Batch Wizard. It will walk you through steps to choose the time frame, which accounts to run, and then give the details on what is going to be run.

When run, the Wizard will use the rules that have been set up to determine which accounts should be excluded.



Right now you have to “make live” the whole preliminary composite account list. A new option is being added that will allow you to choose one or multiple accounts and make them live as you review the rest of the accounts in the preliminary account list.


Merge In/Out Filter

The “merge in/out filter” shows all accounts that had a merge in/out transaction. You will now be able to enter a percent to only show accounts that have had a merge in/out transactions that are greater than that percent.



For trading, a number of enhancements are being released to allow sleeve trading to become more efficient and customized.

You will soon have the ability to set a ‘Do Not Trade’ status on a sleeve, so a particular sleeve would not be taken into consideration in a registration level rebalance.

We are also releasing some enhancements to the sleeves distribution tool, such as a distribution import and also the ability to set aside cash in the distribution sleeve, but still do a full reg-level rebalance on that registration.

Outside of sleeves, Orion will also be releasing the ability to edit blocks en masse.  So for those instances where you have a group of blocks that need to be updated to a manual order, they can all be edited at the same time.

Lastly, a National Advisors Trust trade file is being built for those firms looking to trade through Orion at National Advisors Trust.



You can now opt to have Moody’s bond ratings included automatically in your Orion reports All you need to do is sign an addendum to your Orion agreement, and for no additional cost, you can get started right away.

Please contact Orion’s Market Data team and ask to add the Moody ratings to your reports today.



New account logic has been updated so that you can select whether you want contributions from accounts to be considered as “new money” and, if so, for how many months. The default will be set to six months. This means that any contribution made during the first 6 months will be considered “new money.”

This will impact existing new/closed Household, Registration, and Account dashboards. We have added expense ratios to the Advisory Fee Benchmark. You can now view comparisons with or without expense fee ratios included.

Finally, we have added a Wholesaler filter to the dashboards and added business line as a filter to the Advisory Fee Benchmark dashboard.




Orion is working on developing a new app in the Salesforce App Exchange for the purpose of integrating with Salesforce Financial Service Cloud.

Orion will be providing a data sync to sync client demographic details, financial account details, as well as values, cost basis, and performance.

This app is underway and we expect to have this integration live in June 2017.




The Rep Portal is here!

You can now provide your representatives a custom experience when using the Orion platform. Today, Representatives login to Orion and see the Orion Connect app screen.

The new Rep Portal is powered by Insight! Create your custom landing page full of rep level dashboard tiles with Insight and share this with your representative Level users. Enable the Rep Portal app for your Reps within the Manage Users app > Roles. Representative users will then see this new app and can then make this app be their default landing page when they login to Orion.

They will be presented with the dashboard you created but still have the ability to see the Orion Connect apps that you’ve permissioned them to see. Advisor level users will also be able to enable the Rep Portal app so you can login as any representative level user to see what they see.

Stay tuned for future webinars to fully experience the new Rep Portal!



Do you want to be able to have multiple groups of accounts inside of one Household? For the May release we are rolling out the back end development to support ‘portfolio groups’ where you can create multiple groups inside of a Household for a greater reporting experience.

We will be rolling this out in phases where with future releases where you will be able to leverage these groups inside of the Client Portal, Insight, and Report Builder.



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