What You Could Have Done Better During the Holidays

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The holidays just wrapped up and you may still be recovering from the onslaught of treats, savory foods, and family gatherings the last few weeks presented.

While the holidays are a great time to catch up with friends and family, they can also be a time of year when some parts of your work get shifted back or simply not done.

Think about the past two weeks for your firm. How much pre-planned communication did you have with clients? For that matter, how much communication with clients did you have at all? Were you content to let them be, or did you make sure you were still a part of their lives?

If you’re like most firms, you didn’t communicate well with clients during the holidays, and that strategy is a mistake.

In today’s post, we’ll cover a few simple ideas for better managing client relationships the next time the holidays come around so you can continue to make clients feel appreciated and add value to their lives, no matter the day on the calendar.

Saying Hello is Simple

You’re an important part of your clients’ lives, and a few festive weeks don’t change that.  If you consider the last two weeks of the year a time to go dark, what does that accomplish other than highlight the fact that you’re not working?

A week away from work doesn’t mean the markets stop moving. A client’s financial state is as active as it is any other week of the year. They still want to know what’s going on with their accounts.

Orion has tools to help make your communication simple, effective, and (important for you if you’re taking the week off) automated so you can make better use of the next holiday season.

The first tool you want to take advantage of is the Orion Client Portal. The portal can be set up and customized by you to give your clients just the information you want to share. If that’s full access to running their own reports you can set it up; if that means a simple account overview, you can do that too.

The key element of the client portal is it’s always accessible, and you don’t have to do anything after set up. It’s available to your clients any time they want to check the assets you manage. With Orion’s Balance Sheet reporting, you can display all their assets to give them a single login for all their wealth.

The second key to managing client relationships during the holidays is to use Orion’s Deliver email application. Deliver lets you set up automatic, recurring emails with information your clients want to know.

A simple example: You can create an email to send to clients every Monday at 10 AM that includes their current balances, performance over the last quarter, and a link to the latest blog you wrote. The email uses information from Orion to associate the correct data for each client who receives it (excluding any personally identifiable information).

Continuing to send that email—which is already set up and delivered automatically—keeps you in your clients’ minds even during the busy holiday season.

Spreading cheer with a personal touch

Reaching out to clients with their financial information and making sure they have access to you is one thing, but the holidays should also be a time to personally connect.

Did you make efforts this past season to personally reach out and make sure your clients know how appreciated they are?

An advisor’s relationship with clients is paramount to any firm’s success because of the personal nature of the business, and taking the time to send a hand-written holiday card can be a welcome step.

You might be saying to yourself…handwriting cards takes a lot of time, and that’s time I don’t have. That may very well be true. Planning ahead is one strategy (if you start now, your cards will definitely be written by next Christmas!), but there are also now many services that offer to send handwritten cards for you, like Punk Post and Thankbot.

If you’re really strapped for time but still want that personalized note to go out, these services could be options for you next year.

If your communication strategy during the holidays could have been better, these tips can help make sure that next time, you don’t make the same mistakes again.

What strategies do you use to keep the lines of communication open with your clients? If you’d like to see how Deliver can help, call today to schedule a demo.



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