How to Get Clients to Use Your Mobile App

How to Get Clients to Use Your Mobile App

For years you’ve been told that mobile is the future. Well guess what? All those years have caught up to us and mobile is the present. If you’re not giving clients access when they’re on the go, you’re behind the times, and your competitors.

Orion makes it simple to keep up with modern technology. We offer you a custom-branded, no fee* mobile app for iOS and Android devices. You don’t have an excuse not to offer your clients a mobile app when Orion is your portfolio accounting platform.

But setting up a mobile app and getting clients to use your mobile app are two different things entirely. So here’s a few quick thoughts on how to get clients to use your mobile app.

1) Let Them Know It’s Available (More than Once)

Seriously, this is the first step. And it’s so easy. Too often when you’re launching a new offering, you announce it once and then let it slide.

When your mobile app is ready, you do want to let your clients know in a big way. Call them, email them, include it in your newsletter. But don’t just stop after that. Insert some text into your email footer, keep a section in your monthly newsletter that reminds them they can download your app, and make it front and center when you sign a new client.

2) Tailor The App to Your Clients

Your mobile app and your client portal are one. So when you make a change in what your clients see in your client portal, it also affects the mobile app.

If you haven’t taken the time yet to customize what clients can do and see, now’s the time. Enable the reports that matter most to your clients so they can get what they need out of your mobile app.

3) We Don’t Need No Education

A similar idea to number one, but taking it another step further. After your app is launched and your clients have downloaded, it’s time to educate them on how to use it.

You could make a short, informal video showing off what clients can do, or just write up a short instructional letter to help them get around. Whatever method you choose, it’s best to help clients understand the benefits, and know what they’re going to get out of it, if you want them to be tapping your app icon again and again when they pull their phone out of their purse.

4) Keep Your App Updated

Technology is always changing, and the operating systems our phones run change at minimum once a year. Sometimes, updates to operating systems necessitate updates to the apps that run on them.

Orion will always notify you when an app update is needed, but ultimately we need to rely on you to help us get necessary information in place to make changes. If you want to keep clients happy, keep your app updated to work on the latest versions of iOS and Android. The last thing you want is a client to download a new software update and then experience frustration when your app won’t load anymore.

Take these four tips and implement them in your practice to help get more of your clients to use your mobile app. If you don’t have a custom mobile app yet, click here to fill out the application, or call your Orion Advisor Success Advocate to ask some questions and get the ball rolling.


*You do have to pay Apple to register your app, but Orion does not charge any additional fees for mobile app setup and maintenance beyond your existing contract terms.


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