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Orion Social

As much as Orion is about advancing technology forward for advisors, we are also about advancing how advisors are supported by the technology they choose. We have always prided ourselves on providing personalized service to our clients, and now we’re taking our service to the next level with the release of Orion Social.

Orion Social is everything you need to help you keep track of your Orion support requests in a single location. You’ll be able to interact with Orion SME teams, monitor the status of your open support requests, discuss ideas with other advisors, and much more.

In today’s post, I’ll give you an overview of what you can do in Orion Social and why it’s such a benefit to you.


Benefits of Orion Social

The benefits of Orion Social are many. Let’s look at the new ways you can interact with Orion and find quick access to information, all from within Orion Social.

Transparency into open cases at Orion

You can find all the open support requests you have at Orion and the status of each. An open support case is divided into “Waiting on Me” and “Waiting on Orion” and you can find both right on the home page.

Clicking on a case gives complete transparency into Orion’s record tracking, which is powered by Salesforce CRM. You can see the case owner, any descriptions, messages you or the Orion team have sent, and more.


Quick Events Calendar Access

Did you know that you can always find the next event we’ll be at, and the next training session we’re hosting for advisors?

All of Orion’s events are published to our website, and now you can see them in a quick list view when you log into Orion Social. If you see a training topic that interests you, click on it and get registered.

One-to-One Communication

You can now communicate directly with your peers and Orion team members from the home page of Orion Social through the “My Activity” feed. If you’ve used Twitter, you’ll feel right at home with this new functionality.

Use the @ symbol to tag a person and communicate with them directly. Keep in mind, the Activity feed is not monitored for support, so please don’t use this feature to communicate service requests – we have chat and case submission to satisfy those needs!

Group pages for Individual SME Groups

You’ll be able to access Platform Support, Billing, Trading, Reporting, Performance, and Reconciliation Group pages within Orion Social.

While on a Group page, you can submit help cases directly to the SME team of the selected page. You can also connect with the selected team via chat right from their Team page.

Further, you can interact with your peers by posting to the Group Forum to get assistance and support from other advisors, learn from how they’ve resolved similar situations, and submit development ideas for the Orion team to consider.

If you find a development idea submitted by a peer, make sure to vote it up! We want to know which requests will help the most advisors, and voting for ideas that will help your team will help us understand the best way to plan a path forward.

Access Orion Connect from Orion Social

That’s correct!  You can access all your favorite Orion Connect apps from Orion Social. We’ve got the first nine apps you use available directly from Orion Social. The first nine apps you have set up on your Connect home page will display here.

There’s also a “Contact Us” link on the top bar that allows you to chat with any of our chat-enabled support teams.

You’ll have access to Billing, Integrations, Market Data, Performance, Platform Support, Product and Prices, Reporting, and Trading Subject Matter Expert teams via chat.

Access Ascent from Orion Social

In addition to single sign-on access to Orion Connect, Orion Social also allows for direct access to Orion’s training platform, Ascent.

On each Group page you can access the Ascent training trails.  Don’t have access to a certain training trail?  No problem – you can request access right from the Group page in Orion Social.

Getting Started

orion social app iconOrion Social brings great transparency into how we work together to help empower your team members, and we are excited for you to join us in this new way we can better support your firm.

You can access Orion Social right now. Simply log into Orion Connect and look for this icon to get started.

If you have any questions about Orion Social, please contact the Platform Support team.


Seth McCune

About Seth McCune

As COO Seth drives the internal and external user experience with Orion. It’s a never-ending pursuit of improvement!

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