Fuse 2016 Award Winner: AdvisoryWorld

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fuse 2016 award winner advisoryworld

Company Description

AdvisoryWorld provides Investment Analysis, Portfolio Modeling, Risk Profiling & Scoring, and Proposal Generation Applications to leading investment professionals.

What did you develop at Fuse 2016?

AdvisoryWorld worked closely with Orion to build a range of returns graphic which plots historical returns of a clients portfolio vs. hypothetical return ranges.

This new report allows advisors to clearly illustrate how actual performance fits in relation to expected performance.

What are the top benefits that advisors will experience as a result of your development?

1) Help clients understand what performance ranges they should expect given their existing allocations.

2) By leading with this discussion, clients will be better prepared to deal with bear market cycles, knowing that they are not out of the norm.

3) Advisors who use this report will be able to support a conversation about the benefits of long term investing by demonstrating how over time, returns tend to move closer to the average.

What are the steps an advisor needs to make to take advantage of your new Fuse tech?

This new feature is available in the Orion Report Builder.

Contact AdvisoryWorld and/or your Orion Account Manager for more information.

When do you anticipate your new technology will be ready for advisor use?

4th Quarter 2016

Do you have an integration with Orion beyond your Fuse 2016 development?

AdvisoryWorld plans to further integrate with Orion and in particular in proposal generation to new account opening workflows.

Furthermore, AdvisoryWorld plans to enhance Orion’s Trading and Modeling platform with various analytical features such a real-time generation of MPT statistics, composite fact sheets and more.

The information presented in this article has been provided by AdvisoryWorld and has been reproduced with its permission. Such information does not reflect the views and opinions of Orion Advisor Services, LLC (“Orion”). Orion clients should undertake their own assessments to determine whether a third party meets their business and due diligence requirements


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