Fuse 2015 Spotlight Series: Citrix Sharefile

By October 27, 2015Integrations

We’re excited to release the second entry in our series highlighting the award-winning companies at Fuse 2015 and the new technology introduced during the weekend.

For today’s highlight, we have “Most Convenient Client Improvement” winner Citrix ShareFile, who unveiled the ability for advisors to seamlessly access their ShareFile secure vault in the Orion Client Portal. Read on to learn more about ShareFile’s new technology and how you can implement it in your firm.


ShareFile is a file-sharing service that helps advisors exchange large and sensitive files easily, securely and professionally. ShareFile offers total security for data transfer and storage, with the ability to access files across any device.

Citrix Sharefile


The integration allows Orion customers to seamlessly access, share, and manage documents within ShareFile’s secure vault. With the connection to ShareFile from within the Orion interface, you have the ability to generate reports and direct them to specific ShareFile folders for secure storage.

Citrix Sharefile sign in

How will the technology you developed at Fuse benefit advisors?

Helping to expand upon continuity and simplicity across advisor technology. By bringing these two services together, it adds security and convenience to an advisors business and workflow. Advisors use ShareFile mainly for secure file sharing with clients, and so adding the Orion connection helps streamline the secure transfer of the reports and data generated within Orion, to the end client via ShareFile.

When do you anticipate your new technology will be ready for advisor use?

It’s live now!

What does an advisor need to do to take advantage of your new Fuse tech?

You would simply need to be an Orion customer and a ShareFile customer. There are no costs or fees for the integration to be enabled.


*This information has been provided by Citrix Systems, Inc. and has been reproduced here with its permission.  Such information does not reflect the views and opinions of Orion Advisor Services, LLC (“Orion”).  Our clients should undertake their own assessments to determine whether third parties meet their business’ due diligence requirements.

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