Fuse 2015 Award Winners

By September 12, 2015Conferences

Fuse 2015 has wrapped up. We saw a high number of attendees, participants, and great interaction with the event online.

This morning, the Fuse 2015 judges awarded the following awards. Congratulations to all this year’s winners!

Junxure – Best Automated Workflow Improvement
Riskalyze – Best End Client Experience
Citrix Sharefile – Most Convenient Client Improvement
NSR Invest – Most Promising Prototype
AdvisoryWorld – Best Use Of Orion’s Aggregation Tools
RedTail – Best Use Of The Orion API
Sagacious – Best Thing Orion Should Have Done Years Ago
Cara Heacock – Hardest Working Minion
Matt West (cleverDome) & John Dayton (Vestorly) – Last Developers Standing
RedTail – Best Advisor Productivity
PrairieSmarts – Best UI Done Here At Fuse
Best In Show – TRX
Best In Show – RIAInABox

Fuse 2015 is hosted by Orion and sponsored by Wealth AccessJunxureTRXBlu Giant, and Redtail.


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