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By January 31, 2019Reporting

For today’s advisory firms, the client experience is everything, and it’s not limited to in-person interactions, either. And while the client experience you create does build its foundation on face-to-face meetings, phone calls, and personalized notes, it also extends into the digital realm.

If your digital client experience doesn’t support the client experience you create offline, it can create an unwelcome perception of your firm by not keeping up with the times.

It’s easy to think of your client experience in terms of a client portal and annual review meetings, but the reports you provide to clients can have just as much of an impact on making them feel understood and create opportunities for meaningful conversation.

In this post, we’ll look at how the reports you use can impact the relationships you build with clients.

Four Ways Your Reports Affect Client Relationships

The types of reports you use can positively affect the experience you provide your clients, and that’s especially true when you put effort into creating reports that are customized and personalized for each of your clients.

Here are four ways that performance reports can create better client relationships.

1. The Right Reports Can Create More Engaged Clients

Putting a little personality, color, and creativity into your reports can turn the standard “financial report” into a visually engaging experience that gets clients more involved in the portfolio review process.

2. Personalized Reports Show Clients You Know Them Individually

Your clients get personalized services and recommendations from everywhere these days. Prove to your clients that you know their individual preferences with personalized reports, and generate greater trust and loyalty.

3. Giving Clients a Choice Builds Deeper Trust

Take your client service to a new level with the flexibility to build reports for clients based on what they want to see.

4. Integrated Reports Make Financial Information Easier to Understand

Get rid of cumbersome processes like running reports from multiple systems. When you choose an integrated platform, you can save on prep time by including information from your favorite solutions on a single report. Orion’s platform includes reporting integrations with partners like AdvisoryWorld, Riskalyze, MoneyGuidePro, and more.

Your client experience should be bolstered, not hindered, by the reports you send to clients. Creating more engaged investors begins with providing the right information, at the right time, for the right situation.

How Orion Helps You Wow Clients with Reporting

It’s hard to “wow” your clients when you’re spending too much time trying to figure out how to work with your software, so with our all-new Report Builder, we put all the settings, preferences, and customization options for your reports on-screen so you can create custom reports in real-time.

A client won’t pick up a standard custodial report with your name and email in the corner and feel a connection with your firm. But give them a personalized, visually interesting report you create with Report Builder and you increase the chances of creating a more well-informed and engaged individual.

Ultimately, it’s about spending less time building a report and more time reviewing that report with your clients so you can discuss ways to help them make better financial decisions and create a healthier financial life.

Make Certain Your Reports are Up to the Task

Explore what it looks like to run your firm with a modern performance reporting solution by logging in to Orion Connect’s reporting apps today.

Not already working with Orion? Watch our on-demand webinar on how to take your client reports to the next level!

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