Business Development Team

Business Development Team


Joel Hurst

VP of Business Development, Southeast

Joel Hurst serves advisors located east of the Mississippi. Joel is an avid cyclist, kayaker, snowboarder and enjoys outdoor activities in general.


Ryan Donovan

VP of Business Development, Northeast

Ryan Donovan joined Orion in 2014 to establish a local presence in the Northeast. Ryan is a New York native and self proclaimed gastronomist who enjoys golf, travel and relaxing at home with his wife and kids.


Jina Horton

VP of Business Development, Northwest

Jina Horton joined Orion in 2015 and brought expertise in both Operations and Sales to Orion’s Seattle office. She will be maximizing her moxie as a local presence in the Northwest as she helps advisors realize solutions for their business. In her rare spare time, she is a closet baker, wine enthusiast, hiker, wife, and mother of two beautiful daughters.

ben frantz

Ben Frantz

VP of Business Development, Southcentral

Ben puts his experience in both operations and sales to work to help advisors best utilize Orion’s technology. When not on the golf course or watching sports, Ben can be found spending time with friends and family.

ben frantz

Paul Wick

VP of Business Development, Midwest

Paul Wick joined Orion in 2017 to serve advisors in the Midwest. Paul loves hunting, golfing, watching sports, and staying busy with his wife and newborn son.


George Svagera

VP of Business Development, Southwest

George Svagera joined Orion in 2013 as a Western-focused team member. George sits on the board of the local Mustaches for Kids charity, but ironically has a hard time growing a mustache himself.

Internal Sales


Sarah Svatora

Manager, Internal Sales

For more than 5 years, Sarah Svatora has worked with independent financial advisors looking to enhance their technology platform and create better efficiencies for their back office. In her spare time Sarah enjoys wine, yoga, cooking, and maybe an occasional run…fast walk.


Joe Badalucco

Internal Sales

Joe comes to work each day excited to help advisors use Orion’s customizable solution to improve their business. Joe enjoys sports, golf, exercising, and hanging out with family and friends.

Josh Benson

Josh Benson

Internal Sales

Josh has years of experience on both the Orion Service and Implementation teams. He will work with you to ensure that your firm can maximize Orion to its fullest potential. Josh enjoys sports, exercising, and trying new craft beers.

Josh Benson

Josh Wilcox

Internal Sales

Josh came to Orion to help advisors better serve their clients. He uses his experience as an advisor to help others utilize technology to grow their practice and help more clients. In his free time, he loves watching sports with his wife and pets or training for his next triathlon.


Phillip Colling

Internal Sales

Since 2015, Phillip has been helping advisors utilize the Orion platform in the ways that best suit their unique needs. Phil enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, being active outdoors, and watching sports.

Kate Goodby

Kate Goodby

Internal Sales

Kate Goodby joined the Orion team in 2015 and enjoys getting to know advisors and their business in order to assist them in aligning business objectives with technology. Kate loves being a mom to her two boys and enjoys traveling the globe, especially the tropics.

Tyler Vacek

Tyler Vacek

Internal Sales

Tyler Vacek helps advisory firms function better in all aspects so they can achieve their core business goals. Tyler loves playing golf, watching his favorite teams and binge-watching shows on Netflix.

Derek Phelps

Derek Phelps

Internal Sales

Derek helps advisors spend more time with clients by supporting their back-office needs. When he’s not assisting advisors, he loves playing golf, traveling, and watching his favorite sports teams.



Kyle Hiatt

EVP Business Development

Kyle Hiatt oversees Orion’s Sales Team and works to build Orion’s relationships between custodians and technology vendors in order to bring increasing value to Orion’s customers.


Todd Bertucci

VP of Institutional Business Development

Todd Bertucci has a passion for helping advisors find the right technology for their business. Todd stays busy at home spending time with his wife and three children and getting in a game of golf when he can.

Strategic Consultants


Brad Corrigan

Strategic Consultant, West

Brad Corrigan uses his extensive knowledge of Orion technology to help our clients utilize the Orion platform to the fullest extent possible, allowing them to grow their business and enjoy doing it. When he’s not finding solutions for advisors he’s found wandering the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.


Tricia Drexel

Strategic Consultant, East

Tricia Drexel brings her strong financial services management and consulting experience to the Orion team. As an experienced relationship manager, Tricia enjoys working side-by-side with advisors to personalize their client experience, save them time, and make their business run smoother with the help of Orion technology. Tricia is also a perpetual nomad at heart. If she’s not playing or watching sports, you can be sure she’s traveling to the far corners of the world.


Eric Sanders

Strategic Consultant, Central

Eric Sanders has an extensive background working with financial advisors to understand their unique business needs. Leveraging that knowledge and the industry leading tools and technology Orion provides, Eric is able to help advisors connect with their clients in a meaningful and productive way. When he is not visiting firms, you’ll most likely find him with his family up in the Rocky Mountains in his home state of Colorado.

Valerie Koehler

Strategic Consultant, Internal

Valerie Koehler uses her strong customer centric approach to bolster the utilization of the Orion platform to ensure business needs are being met. Previously a member of the Reporting Subject Matter Expert Team, Valerie is able to see the cohesive nature of the Orion platform and is able to identify key pairings to enhance the user experience. When not in the office you can find Valerie working in her garden, baking or spending time with her family in Omaha.