Giving a Boost to Innovation

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We recently wrapped up our first Fuse conference, and what a weekend it was! Over 50 participants from more than 15 companies attended the three day event that was focused solely around developers from some of the best financial services software companies getting together and creating better technology for advisors.

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Using the Client Portal to Open Communication Channels

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When we began discussing how to make our Client Portal better, we knew that enhancing its communication aspects had to become a central point of its reinvention. While putting financial information front and center in large, bold, colorful ways was a major development, the ability for you, the advisor, to use your Client Portal to foster better, easier touch points with your clients had to be a defining feature; we believe this has been accomplished, and we are excited to share the results with you.

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Bringing Portfolio Management to Life

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Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth. Trees and flowers are shedding their grey winter shells and replacing them with colorful coats. This spring, Orion is taking part in that renewal through the updates made in ourMarch 2014 software release. Most notably, we are excited to share the new look of Orion Connect with you.

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Data Queries for Representatives

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When a stylized report is not needed or you just want to easily sort and filter data, run a Data Query! Advisor users have always had access to this feature, but Orion now offers Data Queries for your representatives through the Orion Web Portal. Just request to have an existing Data Query enabled for the rep level, or tell Orion what you need to make your day a little brighter! Orion can create new Data Queries, or you can choose from commonly used Data Queries that have already been formatted for representatives. Follow these three easy steps to manage Data Query access for your representatives. Step 1 – Decide if you want an existing advisor (Global) level Data Query formatted for the rep level, or if you need a new query created. Be sure to review the queries already formatted for representatives — what you need might already be ready to go! Step 2 – Submit your request to your Account Manager for an existing query to be formatted for the rep level, or tell us what you need — our SQL-writing mad-scientists in Tech Support love this stuff!  Step 3 – Once the Data Query(s) is made available, go…

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September 25, 2017 - 12:15 PM Central Standard Time
Orion Fuse Integrations: Kwanti | Portfolio Analytics
Join Eddie Sempek, Manager of Strategic Consulting at Orion, and Christophe Gauthron, CFA, founder of Kwanti, as we take a look at the new integration between Orion and Kwanti's portfolio analytics platform.
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