Going independent
doesn’t mean you’re alone.

You’re at a turning point in your career. Considering or planning to break away from your wirehouse or IBD. You probably have questions. And maybe even a few concerns.

But Orion Advisor can help.

Introducing the Breakaway Resource center: A complete knowledge bank for advisors looking to make the next move in their career. Here you’ll find insight and advice from others who have found a proven process for building their business from the ground up.

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Video Series

Breaking Away Together

Hosted by “the reformed broker”, Josh Brown, an Orion-exclusive video series featuring successful breakaway advisors with advice on overcoming the hurdles to reap the rewards of independence.


Going Independent to Focus on Clients / 11:54

Pleasant Street Wealth Advisors, co-founded by Taylor Nissi and his father, focuses on using technology and listening to clients to meet their changing needs.


The Launch of Magnus Financial Group / 16:41

At Magnus Financial Group, clients can expect to create a integrated and holistic financial plan with an emphasis on tax sensitivity.


How FinTech Is Leveling the Playing Field for Independent Advisors / 18:53

Jordan Collins and Brady Ririe, the Managing Partners and Co-Founders of Divergent Wealth, started their own RIA to change the way that people engage with advisors.


Taking the Leap of Faith to Become Independent / 11:23

Mike Fauser, the Owner and Principal Advisor with the Fauser Group, is passionate about financial planning for each client.


What it Really Looks Like to Go Independent / 25:41

Breaking away and starting an independent RIA can sometimes be demanding, but the right technology can make a big difference.

About Josh Brown:

Josh is the CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management and is most known for the “Reformed Broker”—one of the most widely read financial blogs—as well as leadership within the industry.

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MarketCounsel’s Insights 

Educational Resources

Orion’s leading breakaway advisory consultant, MarketCounsel, offers industry guidance on topics most critical to breakaway advisors.

Getting the Facts & Dispelling the Myths of the Broker Protocol
What the SEC's Best Interest Ruling Means for Breakaway Advisors

Privacy & Data Security: Subtile Treats to Employment Transition

Partner Resources

Brought to you by many of the top firms supporting RIAs.

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“I started out with a large broker-dealer and after a few years, I got to the point where I wasn’t getting to spend time on what I wanted to do: building the business and serving my clients. At a certain point, I decided I needed to break away. It was a leap of faith but now as the Fauser Group is celebrating our one-year anniversary, my spirits have been so lifted and I can’t tell you how glad I am that I made the decision to go independent.”

Mike Fauser, Principal Advisor,
Fauser Group

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