Innovate on the Fundamental’s at Ascent 2019 On the Road

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This year, we’re innovating our game plan, joining forces with our amazing integration partners and bringing Ascent 2019, our renowned user conference to a city near you! Check out everything you can expect from this year’s events all geared towards helping advisors — both existing platform users and those looking to leverage new technology — learn how to “Innovate on the Fundamentals.”

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Creating Win-Wins With Your Reporting

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For today’s advisory firms, the client experience is everything, and it’s not limited to in-person interactions, either. And while the client experience you create does build its foundation on face-to-face meetings, phone calls, and personalized notes, it also extends into the digital realm. If your digital client experience doesn’t support the client experience you create offline, it can create an unwelcome perception of your firm by not keeping up with the times. It’s easy to think of your client experience in terms of a client portal and annual review meetings, but the reports you provide to clients can have just as much of an impact on making them feel understood and create opportunities for meaningful conversation. In this post, we’ll look at how the reports you use can impact the relationships you build with clients. Four Ways Your Reports Affect Client Relationships The types of reports you use can positively affect the experience you provide your clients, and that’s especially true when you put effort into creating reports that are customized and personalized for each of your clients. Here are four ways that performance reports can create better client relationships. 1. The Right Reports Can Create More Engaged Clients Putting…

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