Financial Planning Billing in Orion Connect

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As more advisory firms expand their capabilities to offer traditional investment management and advice-centered services, Orion’s enhanced billing tools now support a range of needs within a single platform, so you spend less time calculating fees—and more time collecting them.

Simplify Your Billing Experience with

Orion’s New Financial Planning Billing Enhancement

With this enhancement firms can now bill for single or recurring services—like tax, retirement, and estate planning—together with AUM-based fees all from within the Bill Generator app in Orion Connect.

How will this enhancement benefit you?

Eliminate the need for a separate financial planning billing application
Create a consistent billing experience for both recurring and one-time fees
Provide more accurate projections of cash-flow and revenue across your business
Scale all billing and payment processes by launching our integration into BluePay
Offer your clients a single, simple process for viewing and paying fees

A Better Billing Experience

for Your Clients, Too

With Orion’s BluePay integration, your clients can access an easy and secure electronic payment processing solution to pay fees directly by credit card or ACH transfer, whether for a recurring service or single transaction.* By combining the power of Orion’s Bill Generator App with the payment processing technology of Blue Pay advisory firms can:

  • Reduce the risk, costs, and time associated with manual payment processing
  • Get paid faster while still complying with billing and payment regulations
  • Provide the convenience and flexibility their clients expect and deserve when paying for their services

With Orion’s Enhanced Financial Planning Billing, harness the power of a single platform for all your billing needs.  

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*Integration with BluePay required