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Estate Planning Isn’t Just for the Wealthy: Help Your Clients Build a Legacy

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While everyone knows how important financial planning is, understanding how estate planning fits into the financial planning conversation can sometimes be overlooked. But with an estimated $30 trillion dollars changing hands in the U.S. over the next decade — the largest wealth transfer in history —  now is the perfect time to start talking about estate planning with your clients and to get the right tech in place to manage your estate planning needs. Your clients rely on you to guide them through their finances for every stage of life from the income-earning years, through major life events, and into retirement. They might not realize they need help planning their legacy too. It can be difficult for clients to talk about what happens after their death. But with the help of a trusted advisor like you to facilitate the conversation, they can determine the best steps to take now to prepare for what happens after they’re gone. Estate Planning: Not Just for the HNW One common misconception surrounding estate planning is that potential clients don’t have enough assets to have to worry about estate planning. But just as the importance of financial planning has become a common household understanding, so…

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