This new integration offers advisors the ability to:

  • Fully view their client’s account details through a visual map to client accounts facilitating more productive client meetings
  • Populate their maps with Orion’s household data, offering a more detailed snapshot of their client’s financial landscape
  • Deliver an engaging and productive client experience through on-screen and hard-copy visual aids

Additional Integration Coming Soon

Orion continuously works with integration partners like Asset-Map to offer additional and innovative enhancements. Next up…

  • Editable Asset-Map tiles in Orion’s Insights tab
  • Asset-Map reports included with Orion Reports

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What Clients Say About Asset-Map & Orion:

I just used the Orion integration with one of my most complex clients. She had various assets of her own and is the custodian of some of her daughter’s assets. I simply imported them in from Orion and shared with her. It made the meeting really productive!

-Gary, CFP from Florida