App Updates: Trends, Client Portal, and New Account Center

Every time we roll out a new software update, we take measures to make sure you’re informed about the changes that can help your firm. Maybe these are changes you’ve been waiting for and you’re excited to use, or maybe they’re changes you didn’t expect, but they might come in handy for you soon.

In today’s post, we’re going to look at updates to three apps: Trends, Client Portal, and the New Account Center. These are three of our most popular apps, and any changes made typically become adopted quickly.

Without any more preface, let’s dig into today’s app updates.


With the latest software update to release in November 2016, we’ve added Ascent training data. If you’re an Ascent user, you know how our online training program can benefit your staff because it allows you to learn Orion Connect at your own pace. However, if you’re a manager you always want to keep track of what your employees are doing and how they’re progressing. Now, you can see the progress of your employees toward becoming Orion Certified.

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-1-51-19-pmThe next time you log into Trends, just select the “Training – Ascent” dashboard.

We also added social metric comparisons so you can see how you compare to your peers on data like AUM by age group and portfolio allocation. To view this information, load up the AUM Report Card dashboard.

Finally, reconciliation data is now included so you can see when files were delivered and processed by the Orion Reconciliation Team. Survey your reconciliation results on the “Reconciliation” dashboard.


Client Portal

Cloud Storage – Rep Level Folders

We now use a new cloud storage option for the AdvisorShared functionality so client folders are now created within a folder with their Rep’s Name and ID. By implementing this change, we can now allow that Rep’s folder and all Client folders within it to be easily shared to a Rep’s cloud storage. As new clients are added, they will be automatically added to the Rep’s folder and their access.

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-1-57-01-pmIn addition to the new folder structure, we’ve come to our senses and are providing some simple but welcome information when you change a password. Password Criteria has been added to the “Change Password” box, similar to how it is displayed in the “Forgot Password” functionality. Hopefully this change reduces the number of confused clients calling you because their favorite password doesn’t work.










New Accounts Center

We added two new fields to the New Account Wizard in the New Accounts Center: Billing Cycle Month and Business Line.

When you get to Step 2 of adding a new account (Account/Billing) you’ll see these new fields so you can fill in the appropriate data.

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-2-09-44-pmYou will also be able to add these fields to your grid view within the New Account Center app.

Now you should have a solid understanding of all the great new features available in each app, and how to find them.

In addition to all these great updates, all of your firm’s roles created using the new Manage Users app are now live as of December 5.  If you need to turn on any of these apps, you no  long have to request this action from Orion. Simply go into the Manage Users app > Roles and enable these apps or any other privilege for your users. Now that’s “Empowering” you!

Got any questions? We’ve got an SME Team for that.

New Accounts Center – SME Reporting Team

Trends – SME Reporting Team

Client Portal – SME Technology Support



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