Easy New Account Opening. Anywhere.

Opening new accounts is more complex than it should be. Discover equips you with the ability to give clients and prospects a simple, easy way to open new accounts with your firm. Discover gives you the tools to streamline your internal new account opening procedures and grow your firm faster and more efficiently.

Simple Deployment

Measure Results

Discover tracks not only who has completed a new account opening, but also who has saved progress to come back to later, so you know how long it’s taking people to complete your new account questionnaire, and tailor the process for maximum yield.

Less Paperwork, More Action

Every new account opened means pages of paperwork have to be filled out to complete the process. Discover provides access to over 30,000 new account forms and required paperwork and uses industry-best form-filling solutions to power your clients through the paperwork process and make it less tedious.

Your Web Presence, More Productive

Make your website and social media presence more effective. Move away from just giving information to clients, and give them the ability to take action with Discover.

Anywhere Account Opening

Put a button on your website, call out to clients on social media, and utilize Discover wherever your clients are to get the best results. Track where clients and prospects came from to get metrics on your most effective avenues.

On Their Own . . . or With Your Help

Opening an account can take some work, but Discover is designed to make the process simple enough for clients to complete in minutes. If a client wants help, though, Discover is built to get your staff involved for no frustration account opening.

Secure, So Sleep Easy

Discover’s new account opening and questionnaire process is secured by Norton and powered by Verisign. Your client’s secure information isn’t just important after their account is open, but during it as well. We take security seriously and want to provide peace of mind during the account opening process.

Built for Advisors

As a product of Orion Advisor Services, LLC, Discover is built by a leading team in advisor services and technology. We built Discover to address the specific needs of advisory firms so they can grow easier and faster.

Provide Value

Discover provides a service that benefits both your clients and you. Your clients want to have an easy way to do business with you, and you want to add more accounts to your platform. It’s a win-win situation.

One Account, Everywhere

Discover is linked right into Orion, so when a client opens a new account, it will be available right away in Orion’s New Account Center so you can take action. If you use Orion delivered through your CRM with Orion Connect, the account is also loaded there as well.

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